Jerrycan - Stony Man Mountain

Style: Contemporary Bluegrass



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Until recently most of these groups have been considered to be mere novelties and have never achieved any longstanding success comparable to their American counterparts. However, this may soon be changing with the arrival of Jerrycan, a five-member group from The Netherlands who could be poised for a shot at becoming a major force in modern bluegrass music.

Jerrycan has mastered the essence of bluegrass music that extends far beyond simple mimicry. Their debut album “Stony Man Mountain,”  is a showcase for some of the most superlative bluegrass on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Stylistically, Jerrycan bears an obvious  kinship with now-defunct Spectrum that is amply reflected in pieces like “Leaves That Are Green” and “I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore.”    The material featured in “Stony Man Mountain” comes from a multitude of sources including Don Stover’s “Things In Life,”  Bill Harrell’s “Misty Mountain” and Alan Mills’ “Love of the Mountain.” They even take the old instrumental, “Pike County Breakdown,” and convert from a major to a minor key with startling results.

Of the five original pieces on the album, the title song “Good Morning Sunshine and “Sweet Serenader” stand out as exceptional numbers that certainly deserve more than a mere passing glance. Jerrycan is rock solid in both their instrumental and vocal abilities.

A top flight performance combined with a quality production make “Stony Man Mountain” a delightful experience guaranteed to perk more than just a few ears, and in the proceedings here are any sort on indication of what we can be expected from Jerrycan in the future, are we in for a treat.

   -    Les McIntyre    BLUEGRASS UNLIMITED  September, 1983     

Stony Man Mountain was the first ever BLUEGRASS UNLIMITTED highlight record by a non-US band      


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