Si Kahn - In My Heart

Style: singer-songwriter political



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We're Still Here
“Si Kahn is one of the best… a solid thinker who is able to humanize the political… I hope he lives to be 120.”
- Pete Seeger

The “In My Heart – Live in Holland” Album that Si Kahn recorded in 1994 for Strictly Country Records and Philo - Rounder Records has been his most praised album in an impressive musical oeuvre. 10 years later, Si returned to The Netherlands to record another outstanding production for Strictly County Records, with songs about “the lives of working people and what's happening to them in (t)his country.”

With this “We’re Still Here” release, Si also celebrates his 60th birthday. Nineteen powerful songs, soulfully performed, with Liz Meyer on harmony vocals, Joost van Es on violin, and Scott Ainslie on National slide guitar.

“A poetic detail and ironic understatement unknown in political folk music since Dylan’s early folkie days.”
- Geoffrey Himes, Rolling Stone

“Some call him a poet. Others say he’s a modern-day Woody Guthrie.”
- Jane Ashley, USA Today

“Liz Meyer provides harmony vocals, always expressive and absolutely fabulous and soulful on ‘Traveler’ (from Si Kahn's 'We're Still Here' CD).”
- Hilary West, Bluegrass Now


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