Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers - It's A Dog's Life

Style: Bluegrass



“One of the few that for years has walked the razor edge of telling the truth but telling it in finely honed poetry and melody, so it is art, and as art it leads us to expand and know more deeply.” from the liner notes by Louisa Branscomb
It’s A Dog’s Life by Si Kahn and German bluegrass band the Looping Brothers includes ten previously unrecorded Kahn compositions and features his vocals on three of the thirteen tracks. Those include “Government on Horseback,” the first single.
The release of It’s A Dog’s Life is just one component of an ambitious #SiKahn75 birthday celebration. Events will continue through the rest of 2019. In addition to this album and public radio and TV performances, highlights will include the late August release by Strictly Country Records of a 5-CD box set, Si Kahn At 75: The Europe Sessions, featuring albums he recorded in Switzerland, Germany, and Holland. 
Si Kahn is a songwriter, singer, author, organizer, and playwright residing in Charlotte, NC. His songs have been recorded by hundreds of artists. The soundtrack album by Vivian Nesbitt and John Dillon of Kahn’s most recent musical play, “Mother Jones in Heaven,” debuted at #12 on the folk music chart. 
In their 23rd year as one of Europe’s top bluegrass bands, the Looping Brothers are Ulli Sieker, Matthias Malcher, and Ralf Strottman. “I’ve made two CDs with The Looping Brothers because of their sheer instrumental brilliance, their understanding of and passion for bluegrass, and how good they are to work, travel and perform with,” Si explains. “On Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions, I sang the lead on all 15 songs. My idea for our second CD was that Ulli, who’s a wonderful bluegrass vocalist, would sing lead on all the songs, which he does on the 10 songs that have never before been recorded. But they insisted that I had to have a vocal presence on the album, so I reprised three of my songs from the past.” 

"The most gifted songwriter to come out of the folkie tradition since John Prine" - Robert Christgau 


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