Steve Young - Live in Holland 1992

Style: Country Blues



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Americana, Singer-songwriter

Steve Young (July 12, 1942 – March 17, 2016[1]) was an American country music singer, songwriter and guitarist, known for his song "Seven Bridges Road," and alternative country sounds, and also a vital force behind the "outlaw movement" that gave support to the careers of Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Jr. and more. Young was also featured in the 1975 Outlaw Country documentary Heartworn Highways.

 Steve Young recorded a song of mine, “Contender”.  This was my first significant cut. To tell the truth, it meant the world to me. Later he would record “If My Eyes Were Blind”. His version of that song remains – to my mind – the best rendition. In 1993, we played in Lichtenvoorde, Holland for a concert series put on by Carl Van Melis. Ad Vanderveen was also playing on the bill. Ad and I have been friends since that concert.  Listening to these recordings after all these years reminds me of just how important that concert was to me. Steve was the real deal to say the least — prickly, saintly, enigmatic, son of the South and citizen of the world.                                                   -- David Olney, 2019




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