• 10-02-2016

    DAVID OLNEY with Sergio Webb - 'Holiday in Holland'

    FIRST-EVER  LIVE CONCERT DVD plus CDpreview: https://vimeo.com/hanoff/review/167289434/d545436013Olney doesn't defy categorization so much as he rises above it. There is simply no one else like him. Singer/Songwriter?   By  de nition. And  Picasso was a painter. But as The Houston  Press wrote, “Olney stands  out  like a jalapeño  in a bowl of vanilla pudding."Americana artist? Sure. He draws from the many deep roots of American music, but what he grows from those roots is...


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  • 02-11-2015

    DERROLL ADAMS Live in Haarlem 1977

    Muleskinner Blues, Darling Corey, Freight Train Blues, I Don’t Like No Railroad Man, Frozen Logger, My Dixie Darling, Mr. Rabbit, Rich And Rambling Boy, Cluck Old Hen, Trouble In Mind, Apprentice In London, The Valley, Portland Town, plus very informative and entertaining song introductions.    Derroll Adams (Portland, Oregon Nov. 27, 1925 – Antwerp, Belgium Feb. 6, 2000) grew up during the Depression years. His mother gave him his first 5-string banjo in 1945 for his 20th birthday. Derroll played the up-picking style...


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